Custom Crop Share "Agreements"

We've spend the past couple months rebuilding many pieces of the web application to accommodate features such as this. You may have seen subtle design changes to the P&L and field-by-field P&L tab to the. They were rebuilt from scratch to facilitate us giving you the ability to add custom crop share arrangements to your account.

We've also given you the ability to pay your rent via a crop share. You could also elect to share expenses with your landlord as the same rate as your crop share, but this was limited to seed, fertilizer, AND chemical.

This was too rigid!

You can now build custom crop share arrangements where you specify what input cost categories you share with your landlords. You can also choose to vary the percentages on both the crop share and the expense share.

You can now create infinitely flexible crop share arrangements and have them flow through your P&L and input usage reports.

Watch the video below to see this feature in action.